Shopping in the markets of Morocco

MED_De compras por los zocos de Marruecos

The markets of Morocco are unparalleled in terms of color display. The product variety, the scents, the many different hues, the voices of the merchants, the quality of the goods on offer… walking through the galleries, all this takes us back to remote times. If you go shopping in any town or city in Morocco the experience will be unforgettable, because the color, the spirit and the variety you can find in these markets are stimuli for your senses. All kinds of products at reasonable prices are among the temptations Morocco offers to tourists and visitors. Shops, zocos, bazaars and…

Agadir, a flourishing tourist destination

MED_Agadir imprescindible

  Agadir is a modern city on the cost of Morocco. It is a lively city by the Atlantic in the namesake gulf, where the Atlas mountain range meets the sea by the mouth of the Souss River. It has a warm, dry, sub-tropical climate and is the great city of the south of Morocco and the capital of the rich farming region of Souss – Massa – Draa. Agadir is an important fishing center and trade port, a first rate farming center that stands out for the production of citrus fruits, bananas, flowers and vegetables. This important tourist city…

From the Rif Mountains to the desert of Erg Chebbi


This realistic and amazing video shows us genuine sights of Morocco, from the Rif Mountains to the desert of Erg Chebbi. These fantastic images, as always, are an invitation to travel.   >>The Maghreb   “The hotels that IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has in Morocco are 4 and 5-star oases of luxury and comfort where guests will find everything they need during their stay. You can enjoy cozy rooms and cuisine, sports and entertainment services to suit every taste.” 

Let’s go to the beach in Morocco!

Morocco has miles and miles of beaches of all kinds and for all tastes. Whether you are a water sports fanatic and enjoy intense emotions or you prefer relaxing while lying peacefully in the sun, in Morocco you will find your ideal beach. On the Atlantic coast, if you are all about strong emotions you will become a child once more, enjoying yourself to the full. Dakhla and Agadir bay are the perfect destinations for those who bask in a breeze. The trade winds blow from the end of March through mid-September, making it the perfect time to head to…

The wonderful coast of Agadir

MED_La maravillosa costa de Agadir

The Moroccan city of Agadir, rebuilt from its ruins after the earthquake in 1960, is one of the most developed areas for visitors, with plenty of room for walking near the Atlantic, restaurants and entertainment, all blessed by the subtropical climate and its incredible beaches. Agadir is a modern city running parallel to the coast, with three wide avenues covering the tourist area. It is a cosmopolitan and modern university city with good urban development, large buildings, important hotel chains, cafeterias and wide roads giving it a style of its own. It has a wide, modern seaside promenade, with plenty…

One of the tallest and finest temples in the world

MED_Uno de los templos más altos y bonitos del mundo

  Hassan II Mosque, located in the Moroccan city of Casablanca, is the tallest temple in the world (after Mecca, of course) and also one of the finest. Built over the sea, it rises up 200 meters and spans a total area of 30,000 sq. m, with room enough for 90,000 worshippers. It is impressive not only for its size but for the beautiful marble and granite pavement, the copper and brass doors at the entrance of the temple, the façades covered with sculpted marble and the mosaics. This is a highly recommendable feast for the eye. So if when…

Towns, cities, the sea, the mountains and the desert


Morocco seems tailor-made for travelers who love nature in any of its versions. This stretch of land in northern Africa contains multi-color landscapes similar to the fine carpets they produce that can be found at any of its markets. There is a lot to be enjoyed in Morocco. The Haut Atlas mountain range, the Rif, the sunny mountains leading to oases in the Sahara… the mountains in Morocco provide simple yet indescribable pleasures: the night sky blanketed with stars and views over the clouds from the passage of Tizi n’Test. Down from the mountains you’ll find rugged coasts, waterfalls and…

Riding the waves in Morocco


If you are addicted to riding the waves, take a look at this video. Pack your bags and fly off to this wonderful paradise!   https://vimeo.com/144962312       “The hotels that IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has in Morocco are 4 and 5-star oasis of luxury and comfort, where guests will find everything they are looking for during their stay. There are comfortable rooms and services including cuisine, sports and entertainment to suit every taste.” 

Morocco, coast to coast.

The extensive coast of Morocco offers a great variety of options along its 3,500 kilometers. It’s hard to choose among its many beaches because you’ll always have to leave out something. It has beaches washed by the waters of the Atlantic and many others facing the Mediterranean, beaches suited for families and modern ones with a chill out atmosphere, some right below a cliff and others directly off the desert sands. You’ll probably agree that it’s a tough decision.  Here is a review from one tip of the coast to the other, to help you choose the one that’s best…

Traditional Moroccan cuisine captures your senses

MED_La cocina tradicional marroquí ataca los sentidos

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of influences from a number of different cultures such as the Berbers, the Moors, the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa, although it has its own personality as it never underwent Turkish influence, unlike other countries in the Maghreb. Moroccan cuisine is one of the most sensual in the world; it goes directly to the senses with a taste and aroma that not many international cuisines are capable of achieving. At the same time it is very simple to make and very familiar, as a Moroccan proverb says: “at mealtime, you don’t talk”. With the exception…