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The 10 essentials of Valldemossa in Mallorca

ESP_Los 10 imprescindibles de Valldemossa en Mallorca

    Surely one of the most picturesque sights in Mallorca is the town of Valldemossa. Generally, all the towns in the Serra de Tramuntana will surprise travelers, but Valldemossa, a town that only calms down in winter, is likely to give you the best impression to take back with you. It is a genuine pleasure to walk through the cobbled streets decorated with thousands of flower pots and tiles honoring St. Catherine.   There is so much you can see and do in this charming little town. Here goes a list of the essentials that you can’t afford to…

There’s a lot to Mallorca also in fall

ESP_Mallorca en Otoño

  If anyone thinks there’s nothing to Mallorca beyond summer, the sun and the beach, they’re terribly wrong. Of course, Mallorca is the island of the sun and of summer, but it is also a magic, warm, welcoming place that is ideal for a getaway from routine, disconnecting from work and blending in with nature any time of the year, but especially in the fall. One of the best parts for enjoying Mallorca in fall, when temperatures are still pleasant and nature is waiting for us to enjoy it, is the north coast. Cyclists know that Mallorca is the ideal…

Get it right with your souvenirs from Mallorca

ESP_Acierta con los souvenirs que te puedes llevar de Mallorca

  Beyond the flamenco dresses and the Mexican sombreros that have little to do or nothing at all with this Mediterranean island, Mallorca has things to offer that can serve as quality souvenirs for those who don’t want to return home empty handed and prefer to take a bit of the island in their suitcase. If you’re looking for something different but typical of Mallorca, these are the things you have to look for at shops, markets and flea markets in Palma and other towns on the island: Leather: Whether it be leather shoes, clothes or assortments, in Mallorca, and…

Archduke Ludwig Salvator and Frédéric Chopin: two men in love with the Serra de Tramuntana

ESP_Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana, the mountain range in Mallorca included on the Unesco World Heritage List, emerges majestically over the Mediterranean, sheltering the island from the north wind known as Tramuntana. The beautiful towns, the magical forests of oak and pine trees, the curved olive trees and the rugged mountains towering over the horizon of the blue sea have captivated many. Two of the most celebrated admirers were Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria and the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin. · Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria came under its spell in 1869, at the age of 20, and asked the Emperor…

Our video of the month

  Mallorca! Again! We’ll never tire from watching videos of this beautiful Mediterranean island. These images make us love it even more. Don’t you feel the same way? Vídeo filmed and edited by Thomas Richter       “The hotels in Mallorca of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts  provide visitors with irresistible emotions that you can experience on the largest of the Balearic Islands. The excellent location of the IBEROSTAR hotels in Mallorca, spread out throughout the island, provides an incomparable opportunity to discover all its secrets.”  

There’s a lot more to Mallorca than just beaches

  Mallorca possesses dazzling natural beauty that is enhanced by the taste for the good things in life. Its beautiful limestone cliffs, distant, dreamlike mountains, charming little villages, magical forests of oak, pine and olive trees, vast and exuberant plains covered with carob trees, almond trees and vineyards… all these things contribute to make this Mediterranean island much more than just beaches with turquoise waters and fine, white sand. The Serra de Tramuntana, included on the World Heritage List, is a mountain range that rises in the northwest of the island. It is made up by paths, walls and terraces,…

Secret hideouts in Mallorca


The Balearic island of Mallorca has places that are unknown secrets even for many locals. The daring guys of Hi Balearic reveal one of the most beautiful hideouts on the island: Caló del Contraban in Capdepera. It is truly mesmerizing. >> Caló del Contraban – Hi Balearic   “The hotels in Mallorca of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts  provide visitors with irresistible emotions that you can experience on the largest of the Balearic Islands. The excellent location of the IBEROSTAR hotels in Mallorca, spread out throughout the island, provides an incomparable opportunity to discover all its secrets.”

Ibiza’s nightlife remains as youthful and free as always

  Since the 1960s Ibiza gained renown for its hippy culture, when young people from all over the world came to the island to change the world and its lifestyle. A lot has changed since then, but the youthful spirit of freedom remains in place, and the island continues to act as a magnet for many young people who swarm in every summer. Ibiza provides unique ways of enjoying every moment of the day or night. During the daytime you can relax and recharge your batteries on the beautiful beaches, then later at night you can open your mind to…

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca

Although there is a lot more to Mallorca than sun and beach, the fact is that its incredible beaches are among the most appealing features of this island. Some have very fine sand, while others are made up of pebbles or rocks, depending on their location, but they all welcome visitors and represent one of the staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Some of the beaches that visitors should not miss, each with its own style, are the following: -    Cala Deià. One of the essentials of the Serra de Tramuntana, a small pebbled beach with a beautiful sea floor that…

Puerto Portals, a select atmosphere in Mallorca

ESP_Puerto Portals

  The favorite harbor for the wealthier ranks of the international social scene and the regular mooring point of the Spanish Royal Family is none other than Puerto Portals, a luxury setting in the town of Portals Nous, just 12 km from the capital, Palma de Mallorca, right next to the impressive bay. All year round, but especially in the summer, many important characters from the international jet set flock together here. Don’t be surprised if you run into the likes of Paris Hilton, the designer Valentino, Bill Gates, Michael Douglas or Claudia Schiffer, just to name a few of…