Flavorful Greek cuisine

MED_La sabrosa gastronomía griega

  Greek cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet but it is also influenced by the Orient. It is actually Mediterranean cuisine with important influences from the Balkans, Italy and the Middle East as a result of the many migrations in periods of war. The natural produce and products processed in Greek areas are the essential ingredients of its recipes. The care with which they prepare food is one of the hallmarks of the traditional flavors of this Mediterranean cuisine. Greek fields are plentiful in olive groves, lemon trees and many vegetables, creating a unique, captivating landscape that is transferred…

Shopping in the markets of Morocco

MED_De compras por los zocos de Marruecos

The markets of Morocco are unparalleled in terms of color display. The product variety, the scents, the many different hues, the voices of the merchants, the quality of the goods on offer… walking through the galleries, all this takes us back to remote times. If you go shopping in any town or city in Morocco the experience will be unforgettable, because the color, the spirit and the variety you can find in these markets are stimuli for your senses. All kinds of products at reasonable prices are among the temptations Morocco offers to tourists and visitors. Shops, zocos, bazaars and…

Have you ever gone Dronesurfing?

MED_Kitesurf con un dron

  Yes, you read it right: kitesurfing with a drone! Never seen it before? Then check out this video: you’ll love it! >> Dronesurfing   “Present in over 50 destinations, IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts takes you to the best travel destinations in Spain, the Mediterranean and the Americas so that you can enjoy a vacation with spa & wellness, golf and paradisiac beaches.”  

Waves on Mars?


  Encouraged by the Discovery of water on Mars by NASA in the fall of de 2015, three planetary scientists, Trevor Gordon , Spencer Gordon and Landon Smith, filmed their trip to the red planet in search of waves. ROFLOL >> Waves on Mars     “IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has not yet become established on Mars, but there are over 100 IBEROSTAR hotels distributed in 16 countries across the world. Feel like getting to know them?”

Essentials of the Mayan Riviera

CAR_Imprescindibles de la Riviera maya

  The Mayan Riviera in Mexico stretches along the Caribbean coast, on the eastern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It includes the area between Puerto Morelos and the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. What used to be a series of fisherman’s villages is now a tourist corridor with luxury hotels and resorts, top category restaurants, places with bustling nightlife, exclusive spa facilities, shopping centers and golf courses. The Mayan Riviera has some of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Mexico, famous for their fine, white sand and gently rocked by the turquoise hues of the Caribbean Sea. Spend your day…

Get it right with your souvenirs from Mallorca

ESP_Acierta con los souvenirs que te puedes llevar de Mallorca

  Beyond the flamenco dresses and the Mexican sombreros that have little to do or nothing at all with this Mediterranean island, Mallorca has things to offer that can serve as quality souvenirs for those who don’t want to return home empty handed and prefer to take a bit of the island in their suitcase. If you’re looking for something different but typical of Mallorca, these are the things you have to look for at shops, markets and flea markets in Palma and other towns on the island: Leather: Whether it be leather shoes, clothes or assortments, in Mallorca, and…

Merengue, bachata, salsa… Caribbean rhythm

CAR_Ritmos caribeños

  Travelling to the Caribbean coast means that you’ll be exposed to their rhythm and dances. Caribbean music is a blend of African, European and indigenous rhythmic forms, largely created by the descendants of African slaves. Today some of these musical styles are very popular away from the Caribbean. Here we will share a few of their secrets with you. Merengue is a musical dance and musical form that is very popular in the Dominican Republic. It is the offspring of two original dances (calenda and chicha) brought from Africa by slaves. Merengue is purported to have originated in the…

The Acarajé of the Bahianas, the best food you can get on the streets of Brazil

BRA_El acarajé de las bahianas

  Acarajé is the crown jewel of the food you can buy from street vendors in Salvador da Bahia—you can get it everywhere in the streets. Like most dishes from Afro-Bahian cuisine, this sacred, delicious dish is closely linked to the candomblé beliefs. It is prepared in terreiros as an offering to the Orixá Iansã, corresponding to St. Barbara. Normally it is only prepared by santeros. In Yoruba, a Nigerian language, Acarajé means “eat ball of fire.” It is a bun made of a mass of black beans, feijão fradinho, which is usually filled with prawns and a spicy chili…

The encontro das aguas in the Amazon River

BRA_Encontro Das aguas

This impressive natural phenomenon takes place 10 km from the city of Manaus in northern Brazil. The Rio Negro flows through the city and meets the Rio Solimões (the name given to this section of the Amazon River). The dark waters of the Rio Negro flow alongside the lighter muddy waters of the Solimões for a while before eventually blending. The Rio Negro is the largest tributary of the Amazon, aside from being the largest black river in the world. The two bodies of water are seemingly reluctant to blending—this is due to the difference in the chemical composition of…

From the Rif Mountains to the desert of Erg Chebbi


This realistic and amazing video shows us genuine sights of Morocco, from the Rif Mountains to the desert of Erg Chebbi. These fantastic images, as always, are an invitation to travel.   >>The Maghreb   “The hotels that IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has in Morocco are 4 and 5-star oases of luxury and comfort where guests will find everything they need during their stay. You can enjoy cozy rooms and cuisine, sports and entertainment services to suit every taste.”