BRA_Ríos Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is a charming fisherman’s village with a rich, beautiful environment, renowned for preserving the local flora and fauna. Praia do Forte has two rivers, the Timeantube and the Pojuca, which are excellent options for practicing freshwater sports and to enjoy the natural beauty.


The Timeantube is a short, narrow river surrounded by mangroves. Mangroves are biomes that form in areas where fresh and salt waters meet. The calm waters of this river form what is known as Lake Timeantube, a natural reserve for over 300 bird species. Here you can hire a canoe or kayak and row over the aquatic vegetation in the midst of the display of colors and sounds of all the birds. These include owls, hummingbirds, great kiskadees, jaçanãs, parrots and kingfishers.

You can also go fishing in the river, where the most common species are the sea bass and the porgy.

From Timeantube you’ll be able to enjoy one of the best sunsets at Praia do Forte.


The Pojuca River is larger and farther away from Praia do Forte, nearly 3 kilometers south. Its waters are just fine to take a relaxing swim or go rafting. It is part of the Saparinga Ecologic Reserve, over 500 hectares of paths you can hike through to get to know the vegetation and fauna of the area.

You can also take a boat on an excursion going from the mouth of the Pojuca upstream towards the famous rapids—it is essential that you use a life jacket. Pojuca is a good place to catch catfish, horse mackerel, swordfish, sea bass and porgy, together with shrimp and prawns. But if you prefer hiking, you can walk along the paths through the forest. You can also visit the area where sea turtles lay their eggs from September through March.

The mouth of this river can be enjoyed at the southern limit of Praia do Forte, where the flowing of the river into the sea is a beautiful marvel to watch.


Praia do Forte is a paradise filled with treasures such as the Timeantube and Pojuca rivers.


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