We often think of Tenerife and its fine beaches, but we shouldn’t make the mistake of just settling for that. Of course the beaches are great but there is a lot more to this island. Tenerife has extraordinarily beautiful landscapes that are unique in the world; a multiple, particularly visible landscape that is a priceless resource, both for those who live there and for the millions of tourists visiting the island ach year. It’s not that way by chance.


We can’t speak of the landscape of Tenerife but of a mosaic of incredible landscapes—as if it were a miniature continent. The same things explaining the variety of microclimates on this island serve as the basis for the fantastic mixture of perspectives, colors, scents, and different viewpoints that surprise us every time we step ahead on this island, leaving us with the impression that in just a few kilometers we have arrived at a different country, even a whole new continent.


In general terms and just considering the landscapes, we could say that Tenerife is divided between the green, humid northern part of the island, with lush vegetation, and a drier south of ochre hues, with plants adapted to the strong sunlight, including cactuses, spurges and thistles… but that would be simplifying things excessively.


Having formed as a result of colossal volcanic explosions, part of the landscape can only be described as lunar, especially in Teide National Park. First you have to go by car to Las Cañadas. Following the mountain road you will finally reach the National Park and that is where you will encounter the breathtaking lunar landscape. Suddenly, no matter which way you look, you’ll find yourself surrounded by extraordinary rocky formations and a strange, wonderful landscape before you.


The ravines in Tenerife are virtually inaccessible, surprisingly beautiful and removed from time and the world, for instance the Barranco del Infierno. The beaches have dark sand in the north and lighter sand in south. Palm trees line the coast from San Juan de la Rambla to Isla Baja.

There are sub-tropical valleys, such as the one in Orotava, pine forests and the mist that forms a white blanket when seen from above, in what is known as the sea of clouds.


That’s why we can’t just speak of Tenerife but of the infinite, contradictory and captivating landscapes of Tenerife.


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