BRA_Disfruta en invierno del mejor clima y de las fiestas más divertidas en Salvador de Bahía


In Salvador da Bahia the seasons on the year are not clearly defined and can be summarized in winter and summer or, better yet, the rainy season and the dry season, there being greater rainfall from April to July. So when it’s cold in the northern hemisphere, in Salvador it’s the dry season, which is perfect because the rain is less likely to ruin your trip! Also, the average temperature is 25 to 27° C (77° to 81° F) in their summer (our winter), which is just fine for enjoying the sun, the beach, going on excursions and especially partying!!!


In Salvador da Bahia there is a lot to see and do at any time of the year, but winter is when the best and most famous celebrations take place:


· In December/January you can celebrate New Year’s Eve (or Reveillon), which we spoke about elsewhere in this blog. It is an explosion of joy on the beach, with fireworks, samba, music and floral offerings to the main female orixá, Iemanjá, the queen of the waters and siren of the seas.


· In February you can check out the Feast of Iemanjá in Salvador (Bahia): this is a religious feast in which fishermen and followers go out to sea to offer flowers and gifts to Iemanjá, goddess of the sea.


· At the end of February and beginning of March is when Brazil’s most world famous festivity, the Carnival, is held. The best known Carnival is in Rio de Janeiro but Salvador da Bahia can look its neighbors in the eye, especially in recent years, partly thanks to dissemination by the musician Carlinhos Brown. This carnival stands out for its Trios Electricos and Blocos, groups of musicians that play music and dance in the streets of Salvador, drawing thousands of people to the celebration. The Carnival de Bahia is not something you view as a spectator but rather you have to experience it live. You must be willing to take part in the parades, drinking, singing, sweating … letting yourself be captivated by the magic of this mass celebration.


Afoxé is celebrated at different times throughout the year, the most famous one being the one that coincides with the Carnival of Salvador da Bahia, and it consists of a procession going through the streets, in which the participants sing in African languages, accompanied by atabaques, agogos and xequerês. Due to the religious origin, linked to candomblé, it is known as the candomblé de rua.


So now you know that if you want to have fun while enjoying warm weather, there’s nothing like a trip to Salvador da Bahia!


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