CAR_ Navidad en el Caribe

If you want to enjoy your Christmas vacation in paradise, why don’t you fly over to the Caribbean? We propose doing away with the winter cold and embracing warm weather instead, substituting an explosion of color for the regular everyday grays. The emerald green of the lush forests, the infinite turquoise waters and the vibrant blue sky: there is no ‘almost’ in the Caribbean—even the flavorful foods are shot with color. Besides the beauty of nature and the privileged weather, its culture is always on the rise. The Caribbean is packed with joy thanks to the music of all the people who know how to enjoy life and spread their happiness.

You can relax and rest on the sands of paradisiac beaches while sipping on a delicious mojito or daiquiri, or you can choose whatever adventure you wish. You can go diving amid colorful fishes and coral reefs, or sail above the waves. You can indulge in the idyllic landscapes removed from the beach and observe the exotic birds and tropical flora. You can swim in the rivers, under the waterfalls, in the cenotes, or visit the remains of a culture that originated many centuries ago.


The Caribbean has a lot to offer and it is a place where you can spend a very special Christmas. On the Caribbean coast of Mexico you will find huge Christmas trees, piñatas and of course Santa Claus. You can choose between a romantic dinner for two or go partying in bars and discotheques, because Christmas is a big festivity here. In the Dominican Republic people take to the streets and sing Christmas carols accompanied by their drums, güiras and accordions. And they end up dancing to the rhythm of their Christmas merengues. In Cuba there are no traditional Christmas celebrations, decorations or Christmas carols, but the country is undergoing a thorough change. Cubans celebrate life on a regular basis and any day can become an unforgettable party. In Jamaica you can enjoy chocolate cake with rum or other drinks while listening to reggae Christmas carols in the background.


Christmas is the perfect excuse to pack your suitcase and take your last trip of the year. There’s no better place to enjoy the Christmas season than under the Caribbean sun.


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