ESP_ Celebra Fin de Año en Madrid


There are many different ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Madrid, but surely the most famous and crowded option takes place at the Puerta del Sol.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is full of all kinds of restaurants and places of historical importance, and it is famous for the traditional New Year’s Eve where people of all ages gather at the Puerta del Sol to welcome the New Year.

The clock of the Post House of the Puerta del Sol signals the start of the new year. As the twelve gongs sound off a big golden ball starts coming down, coinciding with the end of one year and the beginning of the New Year. This is a great event that is broadcast to the whole country. According to tradition, those who eat twelve grapes as the gong sounds are believed to be on the right track for a prosperous year.

You can buy grapes and party bags nearly anywhere. Often many of the people in the square have already drunk their cava (sparkling wine) at dinner. It is not advisable to take little children. When the night is reaching its end, there is nothing better than hot chocolate and churros at San Ginés to warm up and extend the partying a bit more.

Of course there are other options. You can dress up in the grand style and dance all night at a party. On such a special night Madrid is filled with a great variety of activities and events taking place throughout the city in multitudinous private parties, discotheques, bars and nightclubs. The partying usually lasts until dawn and the bartenders are available till the last person leaves.

Another option is to dine at a restaurant, where the food, drinks, party and often live music and dancing are included in a fixed price.


Enjoy a different kind of New Year’s Eve in Madrid—you’ll surely experience a memorable feast.


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