ESP_Las bondades de viajar a Canarias en invierno

The Canary Islands, also known as the islands of eternal spring, have the best climate in the world. The temperatures are stable year round, the days are sunny and the sky is blue.

The inhabitants of the Canary Islands are open and cheerful, unsurprisingly, because a climate with an average temperature of 22º C (72 º F), not cold in winter and not too hot in summer, helps out an awful lot. Science has shown that the climate directly influences our emotional state.

Feeling the sun rays on your skin, breathing fresh air, walking barefooted on the sand and looking up at the starry night helps you feel full of life and renewed internally. Having this oasis so close, why not take advantage of it in winter to get away from the cold and the cloudy skies?

The variety of its landscapes, together with the privileged pact with the sun in winter, allows you to practice a wide variety of activities in summer and winter alike. The exuberant vegetation and magnificent landscapes, contrasting with the bare plains and lava beds, make this archipelago a unique place for hiking and admiring the natural beauty.

Thanks to the fact that the sea is warm in winter you can enjoy the array of aquatic activities on offer in the Canary Islands, from swimming and snorkeling to sailing and scuba diving, plus whale watching in Tenerife.

If you want to play golf, there are excellent golf courses distributed strategically on the different islands.

But if you simply want to relax, you can do so on any of the magnificent beaches, choosing whichever one you please, from the soft dunes of Fuerteventura to the gold, sandy beaches of Tenerife.

When night falls you can observe the stars. The skies are clear, dark, practically without wind, guaranteeing excellent visibility to contemplate the universe.

Enjoying the niceties of the wonderful climate of the Fortunate Islands is much easier than you can imagine.


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