MED_De compras por los zocos de Marruecos

The markets of Morocco are unparalleled in terms of color display. The product variety, the scents, the many different hues, the voices of the merchants, the quality of the goods on offer… walking through the galleries, all this takes us back to remote times.

If you go shopping in any town or city in Morocco the experience will be unforgettable, because the color, the spirit and the variety you can find in these markets are stimuli for your senses. All kinds of products at reasonable prices are among the temptations Morocco offers to tourists and visitors. Shops, zocos, bazaars and medinas are places where the merchant spirit of Moroccans takes shape. For those who want to buy something, bear this tip in mind: you’ve got to haggle, even if you need to take an online tutorial beforehand. Haggling is mandatory here, to the point that they may take offence if you don’t go along with the merchants when asking for a price, so wise up or you might get scalped.

Below is a list of things you might want to consider buying:

· Leather garments and other objects

· Carpets (Kilims)
· Dry fruits

· Oil lamps

· Carved wooden boxes

· Slippers

· Caftans

· Spices

· Coral and amber jewels

· Henna

· Moorish tea

· Argan oil

· Sweets made from dry fruits

Don’t forget that there’s no rush in the markets of Morocco. The goal is to agree on the price so that everyone’s satisfied, amidst the lively chatter of Moroccan merchants.



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