BRA_La noche en Salvador de Bahía

When the people of Bahia are not participating in a festival they’re busy rehearsing for the next one. The people of Salvador are renowned for their talent to transform nearly anything into a celebration. Bahia is “the land of joy” where people move along following the rhythm dictated by samba. This city is not only a treasure for those who indulge in architecture, beaches and good food, but also for those seeking the best in nightlife.

Salvador da Bahia boasts wonderful nightlife with plenty of people. Every night you will find an extensive variety of places to go out and have fun. Most bars have a relaxed, informal atmosphere, but they are very pleasant and entertaining.

Carnival is the event of the year: for six days and six nights a million and a half people dance, sing and enjoy themselves in the streets of Bahia. Carnival is the biggest open air celebration in the world. But don’t worry if you’re not in Salvador during this event, because the city offers plenty of entertainment every night of the year.

You absolutely must visit Pelourinho, the city quarter included by UNESCO on its World Heritage List that has become the largest cultural and entertainment center in the city. By implementing the Day and Night project, Pelourinho offers a great variety of high quality shows including activities for children. At Quincas Berro d’Agua, Tereza Batista and Pedro Arcanjo you’ll find groups practicing several different musical styles including jazz, blues, bossa nova, Brazilian popular music (MPB), samba and chorinho. At Jubiabá you can watch live rehearsals of local carnival groups such as ‘Indians and Afros’. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays musicians perform in the corners of Pelourinho. The best nighttime options include rehearsals by the carnival groups Olodum and Ara Ketu. Olodum, who have recorded with Paul Simon, draw thousands of people on Tuesday afternoons and on Sunday to the main square of Pelourinho. Ara Ketu rehearses every Thursday on Chile Street.

There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants lined along the seaside in Salvador. The intellectuals prefer Rio Vermelho, with several traditional restaurants and bars. This quarter has the Mercado do Peixe, where fish is sold and people of all ages end up dining on the local specialties, washed down with ice cold beer. Another well-known area is Barra, where the eclectic variety of bars and restaurants draws a considerable number of visitors. The newest nightly attractions are the beer parlors and dance houses in the Jardim dos Namorados (the Garden of Lovers), in Pituba.

If you feel like dancing till the early morning hours you can go to a discotheque, frequented by the elite circles in the city. Borracharia, Tarrafa, Madre, Bahia Café and Dolce are among the most popular venues.

Thanks to the joy of the Bahian people and their willingness to enjoy life at every hour, nightlife in Salvador da Bahia ranks this city at the top of South America.


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