ESP_Costa Adeje

Located in southeast Tenerife, between the sea and Teide National Park, Costa Adeje has become one of the most relevant vacation areas in Europe.

The eternal spring of Costa Adeje, with sunshine every day and an average temperature of 24ºC (75°F), together with its beautiful landscape and the incredible and varied offer of activities and entertainment, have made it an excellent place to spend a vacation.

You can rest and relax on its calm beaches of white and so many other colored sands, considered the beast ones in Tenerife. There are 17 beaches altogether and they are the perfect place for water activities. If you travel with your family you can visit any of the best theme parks in Tenerife, for instance Aqualand or Siam Park.

The surroundings are plentiful in paths and fascinating natural landscapes. In the north you can enter incredible forests and in the south you can enjoy the arid landscapes. You can visit some of the most ancient geological sites on the island such as the mountain peak known as Pico de Abinque, the famous ravine called the Barranco del Infierno, protected as a Special Natural Reserve, and the phreatic magma crater of Caldera del Rey, a genuine natural monument.

At the Villa de Costa de Adeje, a town with a past that goes way back to the times before the Spanish conquest, you will find very interesting places and buildings to visit, such as the historical center with the Casa Fuerte and the Church of St. Ursula.

You can easily find a boat to take you whale watching, recommended because these waters are home to some of the world’s most important colonies of pilot whales, dolphins and other sea mammals.

For those of you who enjoy scuba diving, the marine fauna is plentiful and varied, with over 500 species of fish in these waters and a large network of diving facilities.

If you are a golf lover you’re in for a thrill, because one of the island’s best golf courses is in Costa Adeje, and there are other excellent sports facilities as well.

There is a good entertainment offer both in the daytime and at night. There are several restaurants serving traditional Canary Island cuisine, plus signature cuisine and restaurants specializing in different types of international cuisine. Fish dishes are something you should make it a point to try.

Costa Adeje has guaranteed sunshine nearly all year round and is the perfect place for a vacation if you want to relax—and also if you don’t!


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