ESP_Gigantes del océano enamorados de las islas afortunadas

On your next trip to the Canary Islands there’s one thing you should make it a point to do, something pleasing for very member of the family: taking a boat to go whale watching, on the lookout for dolphins and whales. Cetaceans thrive in the waters around the Canary Islands and it’s rare to go out sailing and not see any!

Off the southwest coast of Tenerife there are huge colonies of whales and dolphins that live there year round. They are fairly near the coast and by taking a boat in little more than half an hour you can reach these colonies and feel the excitement of being near 21 different species in the wild, from the giant blue whale to the terrible orca! Tropical pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins have settled in these waters for the food, which is plentiful, the calmness, because the ocean is protected from the trade winds by the islands, and the quality of the transparent waters. Cetaceans, just like humans, need to fill their lungs with air from the atmosphere, so they have to emerge from the waters quite often, and we can take advantage of being there to watch them when they surface!

Here goes a sample of what you will find:


>> Dolphins and whales in the Canary Islands



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