ESP_Acierta con los souvenirs que te puedes llevar de Mallorca 

Beyond the flamenco dresses and the Mexican sombreros that have little to do or nothing at all with this Mediterranean island, Mallorca has things to offer that can serve as quality souvenirs for those who don’t want to return home empty handed and prefer to take a bit of the island in their suitcase.

If you’re looking for something different but typical of Mallorca, these are the things you have to look for at shops, markets and flea markets in Palma and other towns on the island:

  • Leather: Whether it be leather shoes, clothes or assortments, in Mallorca, and specifically in the town of Inca, there is a steady tradition of leather products. In Inca you’ll find factories that sell directly to the public at good prices, and there are plenty of outlets of firms such as Camper (shoes).
  • Senalles: This is the Catalan name for esparto baskets with handles, senalla in the singular. They are easy to find in shops selling alpargatas (espadrilles, quality canvas slippers or sandals) or wickerwork and even souvenir shops or fashion boutiques.
  • Siurells: These are handmade clay human figures representing peasants, with or without animals. They were used out in the fields to keep control over goats, sheep and other livestock but they can also be used for music making.
  • Pearls: Among the typical products from Mallorca are the cultured pearls of Manacor, an artisan industry that eventually grew thanks to exports.
  • Traditional llengos clothes: Llengos is a fabric with several colored prints that look faded and are truly original. It is used to make curtains, quilts, cushions, tablecloths, pillowcases, even sandals and bags. Don’t be fooled:  genuine llengos cloth lasts ages—no matter how many times you wash it, it will always look fine.
  • Food: There’s nothing for us to add to everything you’ve heard about the delicious ensaimada. It’s essential that you try it, choosing the right place to buy it. You can take it with you as a souvenir, but please make it a point to eat the ensaimada right away at your destination or it might get mushy! Sobrasada is another star product from the island. Whether it’s spicy or otherwise it’s good for sandwiches, for cooking and even in some desserts.  You have to try it spread on the famous Quely crackers. For dessert you can have a sponge cake that will mess up any weight watcher’s diet: Gató, made with almonds and always accompanied by a ball of ice cream. It will be in good eating condition for longer than the ensaimada.

In a globalized world, shopping seems to be something so obvious, but who doesn’t like to take a nice souvenir from each place you visit, or buy the clothing that you don’t have the time to ferret out at your local shops? Whether you need something specific or you just want to take home a nice souvenir, you’ll find nearly anything you want in Mallorca.

Vacation is a great time for resting, but also for taking it easy when you go shopping, and if you find good quality local products, all the better!

Are you good at finding decent souvenirs on your trips?



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