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This small country off the coast of Senegal is a paradise waiting to be discovered. Cape Verde is a colorful mixture of Europe and Africa, sometimes referred to as Africa’s Brazil because of the pervading sounds of its sensual music.

This archipelago boasts enviable weather resembling an eternal spring.

It is speckled with towns of lively colors and cobbled streets and features endless solitary beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, deserted areas plentiful in sand dunes, imposing vegetation and mountains hidden in the mist.

You can go windsurfing, diving among the remains of shipwrecks from several centuries ago, ride on horseback, drive dune buggies and take hikes through foggy forests.

Only half of the eighteen islands are inhabited and each one has a flavor of its own. Here go some details about the ones receiving the most visitors.

Santiago is the most important island in the archipelago and the one featuring the greatest variety in its landscapes. The interior is green and hilly, with thick forests and fertile valleys, banana plantations and papaya trees.

Fogo, known as the island of fire, was named for the fire issuing from a volcano crater virtually non-stop from the early 16th century to the end of the 18th century. The Pico do Fogo rises up 3,000 meters and is the highest mountain in the country.

Santo Antônio is the greenest of all the Islands and the main attraction is going for long walks around the Ribeiras, the valleys on the eastern part of the island.

São Vicente houses the cultural capital of the islands, Mindelo, with plenty of bars and music clubs and the birthplace of the great Cesárea Évora. This is an excellent destination for water sports. St. Peter Bay is good for surfing, windsurf and the lagoon at Das Gatas Bay is ideal for swimming.

On Sal, Maio and Boa Vista you’ll find virgin beaches of soft, white sand dunes blending into the blue hues of the sea. These islands are an excellent destination for water sports and sailing, or for simply resting at any of its beautiful beaches.

On Sal you can visit the salt lake in the crater of Pedra de Lume, as well as Buracona, a natural park with volcanic rock pools in a succession throughout the western coast of the island.

Maio has huge beaches of gold sands and transparent waters, with many secret corners where you can break away from the world.

Boa Vista is the island of sand dunes and of Morna, a music genre of Cape Verde. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago and draws in many visitors. It has virgin beaches such as Praia de Santa Mônica or Praia Chave. Scuba divers can enjoy the adventure of diving among the remains of over 40 shipwrecks, for instance the Spanish ship Cabo Santa María. It is well known for the many turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs in the month of June. In your visit you can see the sand dunes of the Viana Desert, the result of the sand brought from the Sahara by the Harmattan wind.

Cape Verde still harbors many secret places and virgin areas yet to be explored. Be among the first to discover them!


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