BRA_Encontro Das aguas

This impressive natural phenomenon takes place 10 km from the city of Manaus in northern Brazil. The Rio Negro flows through the city and meets the Rio Solimões (the name given to this section of the Amazon River). The dark waters of the Rio Negro flow alongside the lighter muddy waters of the Solimões for a while before eventually blending.

The Rio Negro is the largest tributary of the Amazon, aside from being the largest black river in the world. The two bodies of water are seemingly reluctant to blending—this is due to the difference in the chemical composition of their waters. The cold, dense, muddy and fast waters of the Solimões and the slow, warm and black waters of the Rio Negro flow side by side for over 6 km, finally blending to form the lower section of the Amazon River. At some points the waters reach a depth of 60 meters.

There are three different options for those wishing to see this interesting natural phenomenon of the Amazon River.

The first one is hiring a plane to indulge in the view of this wonder from up above. The sight of the rivers and the forest is breathtaking.

The second option is more customary, a boat ride to the exact place where the waters meet. You can choose a standard package that takes you to the encontro das aguas or scale up to a cruise along the Amazon that will let you enjoy the whole process—before and after.

The third way, which is not so well-known, is watching from the Mirante das Lajes. This is an isolated vantage point that can only be reached by car. This mirador affords one of the most impressive views of the encontro das aguas, against the backdrop of the Amazon rain forest.

The encontro das aguas is best enjoyed on sunny days. If you can, dip your hand into the water to feel the different temperature of the two rivers as they meet. This natural phenomenon occurs in very few places in the world and this one is surely the most spectacular of all of them.


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