The islands of Cape Verde off the coast of Senegal are each worth a trip on their own due to the variety of natural or urban landscapes you can find. Cape Verde is a destination for everyone because you can choose to ‘do nothing’ or ‘do everything’ and enjoy yourself either way. The Cape Verde Archipelago is made up by many different islands: Ilha de Santo Antão, Ilha de São Vicente, Ilha de São Nicolau, Ilha do Sal, Ilha de Boavista, Ilha do Maio, Ilha de Santiago, Ilha do Fogo and Ilha da Brava.  In the 18th and 19th centuries this was the major hub for Portugal’s slave trade, a place where every Portuguese ship stopped before crossing the Atlantic en route to the colonies in the New World

Created by volcanoes and swept by trade winds, the coast and beaches remain in a pristine state. The island of Boavista, perhaps the most beautiful of them all, is very peaceful and will allow you to experience the harmony of nature, or you can go whale watching or see how sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand, or simply bathe in the clearest waters in the world. Ilha do Sal is the first destination in this archipelago, thanks to its international airport and its many tourist facilities. There is not much in the way of greenery or exuberance on this island: it is a virtually flat desert that was developed in the early 19th century, when salt was exported massively. Santa Maria is the most tourist oriented city, with houses painted in vivid colors that stand out against the arid background. Eight kilometers of white, sandy beaches and transparent waters make it an ideal destination for many visitors

The majority of the population of Cape Verde can be found on Ilha de Santiago, the largest of the islands: 55 kilometers long and 29 km across. It was the first island peopled by Portuguese settlers in 1462, and is considered the most ‘African’ of them all. Inland, amid the mountains (the highest peak is Pico da Antônia, rising up 1,392 meters), there are valleys of lush vegetation that contrast with the arid plains.

The best-known of all the islands is São Vicente.  This island is full of life and offers many cultural activities (theater and music festivals, the carnival…) at nearly any time of the year. Mindelo, the capital, is the liveliest and most cosmopolitan city in the archipelago, with plenty of nightlife and an entertainment offer that can compete with what some European capitals have to offer. The main attraction of Santo Antão, the greenest island in the archipelago, is going hiking in the Ribeiras area, through the valleys on the eastern part of the island near Ribeira Grande, or in the region running from Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande

Cape Verde is not a cape and it’s not too green. It is an archipelago of ten islands in the Atlantic, a true paradise waiting to be discovered which is not yet spoiled by mass tourism. What are you waiting for to come and get to know these islands?



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