Boca de Yuma, in the Dominican Republic, is a charming little village surrounded by beautiful beaches and inhabited by simple, hard-working people. Boca de Yuma is surrounded by plenty of attractions for visitors, including fishing, excursions, cycling, photography, a mile-long river that’s good for rowing, beaches, caverns, photography, and the National Park of the East, one of the biggest in the country and one of the largest marine reserves of the Caribbean.

Boca de Yuma was a small river port from where Juan Ponce de León travelled in 1508 on a voyage to conquer Puerto Rico. In colonial days the sugar production of Sanate was transported from here to Santo Domingo. In those days, Boca de Yuma had its fort and there are still remains of a cannon on the coast, possibly the cannon that the Archbishop Fernando de Navarrete requested from the King of Spain in order to protect the Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Altagracia in Higüey.

The coast of Boca de Yuma is washed by the waters of the Caribbean, making it an exclusive, unique place. It is home to various bird species, regional animals and exuberant vegetation that is more fitting for a rain forest than for a Caribbean island.

There is a small fisherman’s beach with colorful fishing boats, some of which can take you upstream to the falls of the Yuma River. This will show the beautiful landscapes and the caves where the pirate Roberto Cofresí used to hide his ship, or the Bernard cave, with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

Boca de Yuma is a recommended visit for those looking for something genuine and charming, removed from mass tourism.


TIP: The food in this region is delicious. Try out the grilled fish and seafood offered at different places in this town. Eating and indulging in the beautiful sights of the Caribbean is a true luxury.



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