ESP_El Parque Natural de la Bahía de Cádiz

In the middle of the Atlantic coast of the province of Cadiz, on a large damp area, is the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park. Some zones are conserved virtually untouched such as the Marshes of Sancti Petri and the Island of Trocadero, declared natural parks in themselves. Phoenician and Roman remains can be found around this area: the Temple of Hercules, on the Island of Sancti Petri, and the old Port in Caño del Trocadero, used in the days of the trade with the Indies. The strategic and defensive importance of this zone prompted the appearance of human settlements in the Bay 3,000 years ago, leaving behind an exceptional heritage of ancient fortresses.

The sea and the wind have created the ideal scenario for riding a boat around the bay or riding the waves practicing windsurf by many of the good beaches found here. You can also explore the seabed by scuba diving or go rowing on a canoe to find out about the wealthy natural and ethnographic heritage: there were up to 143 different salt marshes in the 18th century, as well as quite a few mills powered by the force of the tides. You can walk on solid ground along the seven signaled paths, including Salina Dolores and Punta del Boquerón, to enjoy the Bay of Cadiz. Whether on foot or on a bicycle, you can cover the whole park and enjoy the flora and fauna, see the tide-powered mills, the salt marshes and wonderful landscapes just 10 minutes from the city center. These paths are ideal for athletes and nature lovers, providing you with the chance to indulge in genuine beauty.

It’s impossible to be bored at the Bay of Cadiz Natural Park. You can practice activities including climbing, water skiing, kitesurfing, hiking, sailing, free flying, canyoning, surfing, mountain bike, diving, horseback riding, multiple adventures, bungee jumping, windsurf… you name it! ;-)



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