BRA_Que hacer en un crucero por el Amazonas

The powerful Amazon River carries more water than any other river in the world, with a river basin spanning 7.05 million square kilometers and a total length of 7,062 km. With its thousands of tributaries it goes through the world’s largest rain forest, with the most varied biological system you can imagine. A cruise along the Amazon River gives you the possibility of entering the heart of this paradise and exploring its many wonders.

The Amazon has two seasons: the rainy season spans from November or December to June and the dry season runs from July to December. During the rainy season the river rises and floods the lowland forests, making it possible to reach places that are inaccessible when the waters are low. In the dry season the waters recede and expose paths and beaches on the river bank. It is a good time to go hiking and fishing, keeping a look out for caimans competing for the food sources, which become scarcer in those months.

Get ready for a world filled with bright neon colored birds, scarlet macaws, majestic hawks, elegant herons, two-toed sloths, river dolphins, giant otters, electric eels, anacondas, jaguars, playful monkeys and millions of butterflies. Most of the animals and birds are wary of daylight. They are all cautious and some of them are famed predators. You’ll have to be patient and spend a bit of time in the forest if you want to catch a glimpse of a few of them.

You can test your skills fishing for piranhas and enjoy nighttime excursions on speedboats under a blanket of twinkling stars. This is the time for watching caimans, snakes and tree frogs.

You can go hiking and take long walks through the forest, visiting indigenous communities along the river bank and witness their culture and traditions, learning about the conservation and sustainability projects in place.

The Amazon vegetation comprises over 30,000 plant species, many of which are edible, oleaginous, medicinal or apt to make pigments for dyes. There are solid land forests with huge trees such as the Pará chestnut tree, the rubber tree and the guaraná. There are swampland forests with aquatic plants such as the victoria regia (a giant water lily). And then there is the vegetation along the river bank with heveas, palm trees and the jatobá.

The fast tributaries are apt for rafting and kayaking, but the slower rivers are the ones with all the wonders in store, because you can slowly indulge in the beauty of the landscape.

You will witness the exceptional sunsets on the waters of the Amazon, and at night you can drift away in your sleep against the backdrop of a chorus of forest birds.

The Amazon is a Paradise within your reach if you want to experience an adventure with all the fine comforts of a cruise!



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