BRA_ las playas fluviales de Manaos

The capital of the Amazon is far from the ocean, but not many people are aware of the beautiful river beaches located in the Manaus area.

During the dry season, running from June to September, the waters recede and display exotic beaches surrounded by the imposing Amazon rain forest. There are also beaches that can be seen all year round, but they are smaller during the rainy season. At any of these beaches you can take in the sun, relax and swim in the safe waters—yes, they are safe, meaning you don’t have to worry about any nasty sea creatures.

· One of the best-known places of the city of Manaus is the warm water beach of Ponta Negra. This place is well kept and has restaurants serving typical food, pedestrian walkways, gardens, miradors, an amphitheater and a parking area. Besides catering to tourists, it is one of the best and most luxurious parts of the city.

· In the western part of Manaus and washed by the Tarumã is Praia Dourada. This is a private beach that opens on weekends and holidays.

· Praia da Luna is on the left bank of the Rio Negro, 23 km from Manaus. It is shaped like a crescent moon, the sand is white and the waters are clear. It’s an ideal place for spending the day and enjoying nature.

· One of the most beautiful beaches on the Amazon is Praia do Açutuba, with white sand washed by the dark waters of the Rio Negro that acquire bluish hues under the sun, It has basic facilities, lavatories and restaurants serving fish and regional drinks.

· Crossing the bridge over Rio Negro you can reach the Praia do Japonês. This is a private beach in Iranduba, around 28 km from Manaus, next to Praia do Açutuba.

· The beautiful Praia do Tupé is an hour away from Manaus and can only be accessed by boat. It is an ideal place for relaxing or exploring its paths, lakes, forests and streams. Tupé is the home of the Dessana Indians. You can visit them, partake in their rituals and buy their handicrafts.

· Anavilhanas National Park, located 100 km from Manaus, is one of the largest river island archipelagos in the world. Approximately 400 islands covered in rain forest make up a true natural labyrinth. This is a beautiful example of the natural landscapes of the Amazon. During the dry season you can enjoy the beautiful beaches of white sand.

· Near the Anavilhanas Islands you’ll find Praia Grande, which in the dry season can span 1.5 kilometers till you reach the water. It’s on an island of fine, white sand washed by the waters of the Rio Negro.

White sands and warm waters, surrounded by exuberant landscapes, are waiting for you at the river beaches of Manaus.


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