MED_La mejor forma de armonizar cuerpo y mente

The greatest benefit of being pampered at a spa is how quickly you can relax and be relieved of stress and pain. And if you enjoy this treatment during a vacation at a choice hotel, all the better! Letting loose for a couple of hours at a spa will improve your health because you’ll leave behind any tensions you may have lurking in the side lines and you’ll feel lighter-literally, you’ll almost feel as if you were floating.

The origin of spas and baths goes way back in time, when thermal waters were used for therapeutic purposes. Among these places there is a town in Belgium that was famous in Roman times for its rejuvenating baths. The town is called Spa, and the name has travelled successfully the world over.

Relaxing massages, scents, oils… the mere thought makes you relax and feel better, doesn’t it?  It’s not only a matter of pleasure: the therapeutic properties and benefits of a Jacuzzi, sauna or Turkish bath cannot be denied. The warm water and the smooth massage of the spurts of water curb anxiety, relax the tension in your muscles, stimulate endorphin production and activate you so that you can start out the day comfortably, ensuring that you’ll have a nice, relaxing sleep once you withdraw for the night. And then there are Thai massages, which are applied using fingers, hands, feet, elbows or knees, with the purpose of pressuring the body’s energy lines. Anyone who has tried this type of massage knows that it is one of the great pleasures in life!
Treat yourself to a hotel with spa facilities where they can program personal care sessions combined with massages and customized treatments. This is probably one of the best plans for getting away from everyday stress and benefit healthwise in the process.


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