MED_Hungría más allá de Budapest

Hungary is a beautiful country in Eastern Europe that is filled with nice cities, charming towns and breath-taking natural settings. Of course as far as tourism is concerned the capital city of Budapest takes the lion’s share, understandably, but the fact is that there is a hidden part of Hungary that you should not miss if you get the chance to explore it.

A few kilometers from Budapest is Szentendre, a small town with picturesque homes and many art centers and museums that make it a beautiful and almost mandatory visit. The main points of attraction are the Cathedral, the Kovacs Margit Museum and the Szabó.  150 km east of Budapest is the town of Eger, a magnificent destination with a Mediterranean air and baroque influences in its constructions. The Castle of Eger overlooks the city and its walls provide a wonderful view of the old quarter. The city is also renowned for its red wines, so it’s not a bad idea to visit a wine cellar and try out some of the different wines. Walking through Dobó Square and along Széchenyi Street with their quaint cafés is a luxury you should enjoy, as well as visiting the Wax Museum or the Prison Museum. One of the highlights of the city is the Minorite Church, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in the world.

Southwest from Budapest is the city of Pècs. The University of Pècs, founded in 1367, is among the oldest in Europe. Besides its importance as a Christian nucleus centuries ago, there are remains of a great necropolis, consisting of 16 impressive monuments, which is included on the World Heritage List. In this city you can visit the Zsolnay Porcelain Museum and the Csontváry Museum, dedicated to the namesake painter, and the Basilica of St. Peter. Gödöllő is a small city 30 km from Budapest. It is popular among tourists because of the baroque home of the Hapsburgs, built in the 1740s by Antal Grassalkovich, an aristocrat at the Court in Vienna who was close to the royal family and was a friend of Empress Sissi.

Martonvásár is a small, quiet city just a few kilometers from Budapest, and in the city center there is a nice, extremely silent park surrounding the Brunswick residence. Vác is the largest city in the surroundings of Budapest, on the left bank of the Danube. Its famous monuments include the Stone Bridge, its neoclassical Cathedral and its Arch of Triumph, the only one in Hungary, erected in 1764 to honor the visit to the city of Vác by Empress Sissi.

Hungary has so many different charms and attractions outside the capital, Budapest, which is likewise spectacular. This Eastern European nation is worth a long trip to get to know it well beyond the capital’s boundaries.



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