Jamaica is plentiful in sublime beaches that are impeccably kept and cared for. Hellshire is not among them, although as far as beauty is concerned it could compete with the rest, thanks to impressive blue sea and the fine, white sand. But it is not the typical beach you find on a catalogue, with cots and parasols neatly arranged and fine cabins. Instead you’ll find old wooden tables and boards to sit on. This genuineness is what makes it so charming—it is a beach made by Jamaicans, for Jamaicans to enjoy.

Located in Hellshire, the namesake beach is on the southeast coast of Jamaica and it is the largest and most popular beach in the area. It has showers, bathrooms and a safe parking area.

The name derives from Healthshire, as it was known time ago because of its reputation as a place for taking care of your health. The beach continues offering the locals from Kingston recipes for youth: the opportunity to escape from the city for a few hours, savoring the tasty fish and seafood, drinking a beer and listening to the reggae music issuing from the cabins on the edge of the sand.

Fishermen do their work off the coast, women do the cooking, selling fried fish, and the people of Kingston go out to enjoy their days off. It is a calm, rustic atmosphere, with diplomatic sales people on the beach who won’t be pushy if you’re not interested in buying.

The shows are legendary and draw crowds to the coast. Beauty contests, concerts and other activities keep the beach full on the weekends.

The attractions here comprise both the beach atmosphere and the food. Hellshire has definitely perfected the art of Jamaican cuisine, being one of the nicest places for experiencing delicious local dishes right by the sea. For a reasonable price you can enjoy freshly caught fish or lobster, steam cooked or fried, with bammy (yucca pie) or festival (fried bread).

Hellshire Beach is a mandatory visit, an opportunity to see the real Jamaica up close!


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