Although there is a lot more to Mallorca than sun and beach, the fact is that its incredible beaches are among the most appealing features of this island. Some have very fine sand, while others are made up of pebbles or rocks, depending on their location, but they all welcome visitors and represent one of the staple of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Some of the beaches that visitors should not miss, each with its own style, are the following:

-    Cala Deià. One of the essentials of the Serra de Tramuntana, a small pebbled beach with a beautiful sea floor that makes entering the water a genuine adventure. It is perfect for scuba diving.

-    Sa Calobra. The end of the Torrent de Pareis opens up to the sea by this paradisiac pebbled beach. Located between two gorges and a bit too crowded during the summer months, it has the most fascinating access road you can imagine. Frail-hearted drivers should keep away!

-    Es Trenc. A very long virgin beach on the southern part of the island, with fine sand that blends into waters that never seem to be more than waist deep. It is one of the most cherished beaches on the island, after the people of Mallorca struggled to prevent urban development in the surroundings. Some consider it the best beach in the island.

-    Es Caragol. After quite a long walk, past Colònia de Sant Jordi, in the south of the island, you can reach this genuine and nearly deserted virgin paradise.

-    Es Caló des Moro. One of the most perfect coves on the island. Tiny and hidden on the coast of Llombards in the east, it can be accessed by walking down a path by the cliffs. It is best to avoid going there on weekends in summer.

-    Playa de Muro. This is one of the beaches by the Bay of Alcúdia, with white sand and stretching over a few miles, making it a magnificent beach all summer long. It is an open beach, the water is shallow and it is on the northern coast, perfect for the wind to blow and stir up some waves—it is a paradise for water sports, especially surf in any of its varieties.



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