When the German aristocrat Alfonso of Hohenlohe was sent by his father in 1947 to buy some land on the Costa del Sol, he was won over by a little Andalusian fisherman’s village. Such was the natural charm of the place that he made it a point to convince some of the wealthiest families in Europe to switch their vacation in Cannes or San Sebastián for Marbella.

In the 1950s it began to attract stars from the silver screen and members of European aristocracy. The celebrities in those days went to Marbella to see and be seen. Later, in the 1990s, the glamour of Hollywood was replaced by the wealth surrounding designer brands.

Marbella acts as a magnet, especially in August, drawing in oil tycoons, bankers, politicians, world leaders, Spanish and international millionaires, European aristocrats, movie and TV stars and renowned artists. This is paradise for many different people who share the peculiarity of being some of the world’s richest and most influential people. Some of them spend their time secluded in their imposing yachts or villas, while others blend in with the Marbella landscape and lifestyle.

Marbella is fun, celebrities, champagne, oysters and beluga caviar, where the least of worries is how much the bill will add up to. This is the realm of trouble-free hedonism.

Parties start in the evening and last until late at night, and after a couple of hours of sleep it’s time to go to the beach, to take in some sun and recharge your batteries for the next bout of nightlife. There is no rest for those who thrive on partying, and Sundays are no exception—there are many attractions to keep the ball rolling, for instance the Champagne Spray party.

The best restaurants, opulent beach clubs, quaint beachside bars, luxury shops, trendy nightlife, the highest concentration of golf clubs, sumptuous villas and huge yachts—you can live like a movie star if you can afford it.

Come to Marbella and live every day as if it were the last one (something we should always do)!




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