ESP_La-noche-de-IbizaSince the 1960s Ibiza gained renown for its hippy culture, when young people from all over the world came to the island to change the world and its lifestyle. A lot has changed since then, but the youthful spirit of freedom remains in place, and the island continues to act as a magnet for many young people who swarm in every summer.

Ibiza provides unique ways of enjoying every moment of the day or night. During the daytime you can relax and recharge your batteries on the beautiful beaches, then later at night you can open your mind to the myriad possibilities on offer on the White Island. You can choose a place to dine which then transforms and acquires a whole new atmosphere, or go to an internationally renowned discotheque, or enjoy exclusive parties at unique locations.

You can have lunch at a luxury beach club, many of which offer fantastic menus, areas where you can take a break and rest, in ideal settings by the sea, with background music brought to you by a fabulous DJ. If what you’re looking for is a restaurant, Ibiza is famous for its great flavors and style. Whether it’s a simple lunch by the beach or a sophisticated dinner, there’s a lot to choose from in Ibiza, ranging from innovative restaurants such as Heart to the typical local cuisine of Dalt Vila. Don’t forget to book a table beforehand.

Evenings are unforgettable: indulge in the exciting and vibrant nightlife in summer. Ibiza has something to offer everyone according to their taste and preferences. You can have cocktails at a luxury beachside club, or go partying on a boat in the afternoon or evening, or enjoy drinks at the fantastic bars, or take a tour of the many discotheques…

Enjoy discotheques such as Pachá, Amnesia, Privilege, Space and Eden DC10, where you can listen to music by world-famous DJs. The partying lasts all night long but it will seem too short for you. You’ll find people looking for fun, just like you, and you’ll run into a celebrity or two. Nightlife is so important on this island that during the day there are parades showcasing the evening programs of the nightclubs in the area near the port.

If you want a calmer type of fun, try out a hippy party, not just the Flower Power at Pachá, but in many of the towns on the island of Ibiza. Some parties take place on the mountainside, but to make it there you need the best sources to tip you off J.

Ibiza has options for all, and once you experience the nightlife you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun!


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