BRA_8 razones por las que estamos seguros de que te enamorarás de Salvador de Bahía

Here go just a few of the reasons why you can fall in love with Salvador da Bahia:

· The Pelourinho. O Pelô, as the locals call this quarter of the city.

· Their gods: The orishas cult and everything it entails. It’s truly impressive.

· All Saints’ Bay: Travel around the bay on board a schooner and then you can tell us about it.

· The Carnival: A popular, fun celebration that is not at all ostentatious. The best street carnival you’ll find.

· Bahianas: The women from Bahia will win you over with their delicious food. The acarajé should be ruled a sin!

· Itapoã Beach: Vinícius de Moraes dedicated a song to this beach too—Brazil has more beaches to sing to besides Ipanema.

· Capoeira: The Rodas de Capoeira happen suddenly, every day, at any beach, square, street corner or park. Watch carefully and you might learn something.

· Music: Yes, MUSIC. This is the city of joy, therefore it is the city of music. Joy and music go together and there’s not a single night without at least one musical performance somewhere.

As we told you at the beginning, there are many reasons for loving Salvador da Bahia, much more than what we’ve mentioned here. We want you to go there and experience it for yourself and tell us all about it here when you get back.

We’ll be waiting for you!




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