BRA_Consejos para hacer un crucero por el amazonas

A cruise on the huge Amazon River is one of the best experiences that inveterate travelers can enjoy in their lifetime. The magnificence of the rivers and trees, the incredible natural variety and the down-to-earth and hospitable nature of the people make up a unique scenario where you can have contact and learn about the last frontier where life can be experienced in a virtually pristine state.

Here are a few tips that you should bear in mind if you want to fully enjoy this beautiful adventure:

· Mosquitoes: In all damp areas insects are plentiful, particularly those annoying mosquitoes. The Amazon River, because of its darkness, is not excessively plentiful in mosquitoes but there are some, so it’s best to take precautions. We recommend a natural, effective form of prevention: citronella.

· Swimsuit: Your port of embarkation will most likely be Manaus, and they’ll probably take you for a swim at the Riverside beaches of the Rio Negro near that city, so don’t forget to pack your swimming gear.

· Clothing: Always wear cotton, synthetic fibers are terrible in the hot and humid weather! You should also wear closed shoes—no sandals, open shoes and of course no heels! When getting off the boat on the coast, to visit towns or even trekking in the Amazon rain forest, the best type of footwear is boots up to your ankles or higher or even water boots if you walk on wet ground covered by leaves or mud.

· Sunscreen and a cap or hat: This is obvious, but we’d rather remind you just in case.

· Respect the indigenous peoples: If you get to visit any of the indigenous communities, it is essential that you respect the people.  Before taking pictures or recording with a video camera you have to ask for permission. Whether you should pay for taking pictures is a matter under dispute. In remote areas that are tucked away from mass tourism people do not usually ask for any economic remuneration in exchange for letting you take pictures. On the other hand, in typical tourist areas it has become a tradition to ask for a few coins. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but if they ask you for money, either you pay or you refrain from taking pictures. Don’t pick samples of the autochthonous flora or fauna and don’t take anything that might contaminate the environment.

· Binoculars: These are essential for watching the hundreds of bird species with colorful feathers, unique butterflies, red-eyed monkeys and pink river dolphins. Many of them blend in with the surrounding green leaves, so if you want to appreciate the sights you should have a good set of binoculars with you.

Enjoy the Amazon!


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