Morocco has miles and miles of beaches of all kinds and for all tastes. Whether you are a water sports fanatic and enjoy intense emotions or you prefer relaxing while lying peacefully in the sun, in Morocco you will find your ideal beach.

On the Atlantic coast, if you are all about strong emotions you will become a child once more, enjoying yourself to the full. Dakhla and Agadir bay are the perfect destinations for those who bask in a breeze. The trade winds blow from the end of March through mid-September, making it the perfect time to head to this bay and practice windsurfing, kitesurfing or surfing, safe in the knowledge that the waves will be right up with your expectations!

Furthermore, you must know that the sunsets on Morocco’s beaches are of an unrivaled beauty. The golden beaches in the foreground, with the peaceful waters of the Atlantic behind and a backdrop provided by the beauty of the sun at twilight. A spectacle you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

On the country’s Mediterannean coast, the waters are calm, between cliffs and surrounded by a beautiful natural setting. This coast is perfect for underwater activities and diving. Between Tangier and Al Hoceima the sea is fresh and calm, and the beaches more intimate. Some are close to some of the traditional fishing villages, located in zones with nature befitting of a paradise. Some beaches in Tétouan are: Martil, Cabo Negro, Ghomara Coast and Playa Quemado, one of the best beaches in Morocco.

Saïdia is worthy of its own special mention. It is known as the Blue Pearl of the Moroccan Mediterranean because it does not only boast the beauty of the coast but also a very pleasant microclimate in winter. Located next to the Algerian border, you can walk beneath the mimosas and the eucalyptuses that run along the edge of the beach, sunbathe with no complications, submerge yourself in its turquoise waters that scream relaxation. Saïdia promises to become one of the most popular beach resorts in the Mediterranean.


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