MED_Curiosidades sobre Hungría

Hungary, a great Central European country whose capital is visited by millions of tourists, has a lot to offer and there are many things you probably don’t know about this country. It’s always good to learn new things and sometimes it might even keep you from putting your foot in it! Here go a few:

· In Hungary it’s not wise to toast with beer. Magyars have a strong national pride and they still resent how the Austrians celebrated their victory after smothering a revolt by the Hungarians back in the 19th century: they made a toast with glasses of beer. After that, Hungarians swore they would never toast with beer for 150 years. Bear this in mind!

· If you make a toast with Hungarians, for instance with their Tokaji white wine or with a shotglass of Unicum herbs, they will be presently surprised if you do it in their language. But it’s not exactly easy … Egészségedre!

· Hortobágy National Park is the largest plain in Europe. It spans an area of 800 sq. km.

· Hungary has over 1500 public spas and 450 thermal baths. They are so, so lucky!

· The world’s largest thermal lake is in Hungary: Lake Hévíz, near Lake Balaton.

· The world’s largest stalactite cave is likewise in Hungary: Baradla Cave, in Aggtelek National Park, is 26 kilometers long.

· The word hussar refers to their skill as horsemen. And Hungarians are truly fond of animals.

· Goulash in Hungary looks like a soup, unlike the stewed meat served in neighboring Central European countries. And their cuisine tends to go heavy on the paprika, so be careful!


Were you aware of all these facts about Hungary? If you’ve learned anything here just make sure not to toast with beer! ;-)



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