BRA_Cuándo viajar a Salvador de Bahía

Salvador is a beach destination that can be enjoyed all year round. Bahia enjoys a warm tropical climate with quite a bit of humidity, with high temperatures that do not vary much in the different seasons. Thanks to the ocean winds reaching the city, there are no extreme thermal sensations and you can practice many activities throughout the day. The warm weather in Salvador is backed by many hours of sunshine throughout the year, which is great for enjoying the beach.

The highest temperatures, averaging 30° C (86° F), are recorded from December to March, in the Brazilian summer months. This is the high season for tourism in Salvador, coinciding with the school vacation in Brazil, and it is the time when the major celebrations take place in the city. However, we really can’t say that there is a low season for tourism because visitors are present from April to November, thanks to the pleasant temperatures (the coldest is around 20° C or 68° F in July) and tourist services, which are in operation all year long. Rainfall totals 200 millimeters a year—summer is the driest season and May and June are the rainy months. Tropical cyclones and tornadoes do not occur in this region.

So you can see that the weather will not stop you from enjoying Salvador da Bahia and its surroundings. You can move around and enjoy the local festivities, or otherwise seek calm or just live it up! December, January and February are the preferred months for Brazilian and international visitors, thanks to the exceptional beach climate and the festive air of the summer. There are plenty of year-end celebrations in December, whereas as January is still crowded but a lot calmer. In February, the famous Bahia Carnival and other festivities such as Iemanjá (on the second) have throngs of tourists coming into the city.

The high season is ideal for those who indulge in animation, parties and multitudes, although prices are more expensive and reservations should be booked well in advance.

If you prefer a calmer vacation at lower prices then you will enjoy the low season, which spans the rest of the year except July, a vacation month for Brazilian students. In June visitors can have fun in the June Feasts honoring St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter. The Second of the July is the Feast of the Independence of Bahia, which is celebrated in Salvador da Bahia and other cities in the state, with parades led by emblematic caboclos, who played a pivotal role in the defense of Brazil against the Portuguese.
What time of the year is the most interesting for you?


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