BRA_Salvador de Bahía

Salvador de Bahia is a city that’s hard to replace: you can try to imitate it, and the fact is that there are cities in Brazil that resemble Salvador, but there is only one true Salvador, which is unique and irreplaceable and one of the travel destinations par excellence in Brazil. When traveling to Salvador de Bahia there are some commonplace recommendations that not even the most rebellious of travelers can avoid: you must visit the Pelourinho district, you must explore the churches that have been there for hundreds of years and indulge in the festivities; you must eat acarajé in Rio Vermelho or in Itapuã to get to know the main flavor of the local cuisine; you have to go up and down the elevador Lacerda between the Modelo Market and the Cidade Alta (the upper part of the city) at least once; if you happen to be in town on February 2nd, then you have to go and see the Iemanjá feast in Rio Vermelho; otherwise you will leave Salvador with an uneasy feeling in your stomach, something bordering on guilt.

Salvador is also one of the musical cities in the world. There is an incredible array of musical styles on the menu: reggae is just as popular as in Jamaica, Axé is the first choice at places wishing to draw in tourists, peripheral areas indulge in a version of forró called arrocha, African oriented percussion groups bang their drums every Tuesday in Pelourinho, and there are plenty of places where you can listen to interesting new bands of Bahian rock, quality forró, good popular Brazilian music, bossa nova and jazz, plus all the stylistic fusions you can imagine. Music lovers will have a ball in a city like Salvador de Bahia!!!

In Salvador the sea is present everywhere, with legendary urban beaches such as Itapuã; the sunset over the bay is a great sight from anywhere between Farol da Barra and the Fort of Santa Marta, right on the edge of the beach of Porto da Barra, with the crystal clear beach and natural swimming holes in the city. Salvador has restaurants and bars with terraces virtually hanging on the edge of the upper and lower parts of the city, providing spectacular views of the All Saints’ Bay. The little bars known as botecos are unsurpassable and can be found throughout the city, each with stories to tell and typical dishes.

Salvador is an excellent introduction to the essence of Brazil and represents a true source of what the outer world knows as the Brazilian culture. Do you feel like getting to know it?



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