CAR_Playa de Carmen

In the Mayan Riviera, south of Cancun, is Playa del Carmen, washed by the Caribbean Sea. Over the last few decades it has become one of the major tourism centers in the Mayan Riviera thanks to its multiple attractions—both in the city itself and in the surroundings.

If you enjoy beaches, white sand, palms trees and a refreshing breeze, Playa del Carmen is the place for you. At its beaches you can admire the 7 tones ranging from blue to turquoise green found in its waters. You have to swim in these waters and relax on a hammock by the seaside.

If shopping is your thing, on the Quinta Avenida, in the center of town, you will find shops with plenty of handicrafts alongside stores selling the most exclusive clothing. You will also find a great variety and abundance of restaurants to choose from, ranging from Mexican, Mayan-Yucatan, Italian or French to Asian cuisine.

If you indulge in nightlife, then you will be happy to learn that Playa del Carmen is well known precisely for its night scene. Both in the city center and by the beach you will find many bars and discotheques to suit every taste. Enjoy the marimba son or the rhythm of a group of guapangueros that are sure to come along by the beach. You can walk on to the next bar and then to your hotel without the need to use any wheeled vehicles.

From Playa del Carmen there are a few excursions that are not to be missed:

· The natural eco-park of Xcaret.

· The island of Cozumel, ideal for those who love scuba diving.

· The Mayan archaeological zone of Tulum.

· The archaeological zone of Chichén Itza.

I think you won’t have much time to be bored. It’s up to you: you can lie down and relax in Playa del Carmen or get to know some of the many places on the Mayan Riviera that you surely won’t forget.


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