BRA_Curiosidades de la Amazonia

· The Brazilian part of the Amazon River basin has the same area as 15 European countries.

· Brazilian Amazonia is the zone of the world with the most national and natural parks: the Pico de Neblina National Park, the Janauari Ecological Park, the National Park of Jaú (the largest forestry reserve in the Americas), etc.
· There are trees in Amazonia standing over 20 m high.

· Another fact attesting to the sheer size of the Amazon River is that it boasts the largest river archipelago in the world: the Anavilhanas Islands.

· Since 1991, 11 new species of monkeys have been discovered in Brazilian Amazonia.

· Manaus, the capital of the Amazon, was one of the most prosperous cities in Brazil and represents the most important cultural center in northern Brazil. In remote times the Rubber Barons wanted to make it a European style city and it was even known as ‘the Paris of the Tropics’. The architecture behind the beautiful mansions portrays the luxury and ostentatious lifestyle of their owners.

· The Amazon River basin concentrates half the water of the twenty largest rivers on earth and accounts for one fifth of all the fresh water reserves in the world. It has over 20,000 km of inland waterways.

Brazilian Amazonia is the lungs of the world, boasting the thickest rain forest on the planet, an enchanted place where time does not exist and with unending varieties of flora and fauna. A good way to get to know this treasure is travelling up the river. What are you waiting for to enjoy a cruise on the Iberostar Grand Amazon?



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