MED_Comiendo en una carnicería

We all love to find unique places when we travel. We are especially attracted to the places frequented by the locals, removed from the tourist centers and with no tourists in sight. In Budapest, if you want to grab a quick bite of something nice and tasty with genuine Hungarian flavor, forget about ordering a hamburger: you need to go to the butcher’s shop. Yes, you read it correctly: go to the butcher’s. It’s very trendy.

Don’t be fussy! At the butcher’s you can order the local sausages (kolbász) with mustard, cooked bacon, fried breaded meat, grilled chicken, etc. … served on a cardboard tray for you to eat with your hands—use them right!  You pay by weight and it will surely be the cheapest meal of your trip—a sausage will cost around 2 euros and it’s delicious!

What butcher’s shop should you go to? There are many of them, because as we said before, eating at the butcher’s is very fashionable in Budapest. If you are looking for a genuine butcher’s shop free of foreigners, we recommend Pinczi at Teréz körút 60, very close to the Nyugati train station. It is far-removed from the tourist routes so it might not be too convenient. That’s why we also recommend Hus-Hentesaru, where the sausages are equally as good but closer to the city center (19 Hajós utca), roomier and with some high tables on the terrace.

Try them out and tell us about it!


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