CAR_De boda en el Caribe

One of the best ways to have a perfect wedding is to celebrate it at an exotic destination. This allows the guests to enjoy a beautiful vacation while attending the wedding and allows the newlyweds to start their honeymoon immediately after getting married. There are many wonderful destinations where you can get married all over the world, but there is no place better than the Caribbean to celebrate your wedding.

At IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts we think your wedding should be fabulous and unforgettable. It is the most special day of your life, a day when the bride and groom are the sole protagonists. Our seaside destinations are perfect for saying ‘I do’ and saving those memories forever. You will be assisted by the best professionals to ensure that your stellar wedding is just the way you dreamed.

Many weddings are celebrated on the sands of a beach, where the lovely landscape is the ideal setting to make the event worthy of a movie. On top of this, you can prolong the celebration with an incredible honeymoon in a place that has become a perfect destination for couples.

The facilities provide you with everything you need thanks to widely experienced professionals who will take care of all the details to make it the most special day of your life. For the wedding reception you can choose the menu from the best of the local and international cuisine and enjoy dancing at the seaside.




“One of the most special times of your life is your wedding day. That’s why at IBEROSTAR we put forth our best efforts to guarantee you have a perfect day with everything you need. Leave it all in our hands and enjoy an unforgettable day in which you two as a couple will be the true stars.”