MED_Consejos para que tus viajes sean más seguros

Nothing ever happens. But sometimes things do happen. Some people happened to be in New York when the Twin Towers were attacked. And some people got caught by the tsunami in Thailand. So yes, it’s unlikely, but sometimes the unexpected happens and it’s better to be prepared. What can we do to take the minimum safety measures, regardless of our destination?

1-    Always leave information on your trip with a family member or a friend (itinerary, dates, cities you’ll be visiting, hotels where you will be staying …).

2-    Enter in your agenda the phone number and address of your embassy in the country you are visiting or those of the nearest consulate.

3-    Record phone numbers where you can call to report the loss or theft of credit cards, that way you can cancel them immediately if necessary.

4-    Get the phone number of the airline you are travelling with in case you need to change flights.

5-    Always carry a copy of your passport on you and send a scanned copy to your own e-mail address or to a Dropbox or similar account so that you can download it if necessary.

6-    Before leaving, always find out about the healthcare rules and requirements of the country you are visiting.

7-    Always carry enough cash on you in case there are any problems with the ATMs.

8-    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, in other words spread out your valuables across different bags, so if you lose one at least not all will be lost.

In any event, please bear in mind that being cautious doesn’t mean you have to be fearful when travelling. Travel is always a pleasure and travelling prudently will always give you an extra bit of calm.



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