ESP_Las 5 ciudades de España donde hace mejor tiempo

If you are not one of those people who thrive in the cold, here goes a list of the 5 cities with the best weather in Spain. A good climate provides ideal conditions for an optimal physical, mental and emotional development. For this the temperature should be around 20° C (68° F), humidity ought to be around 50% and there should be plenty of hours of sunshine. According to these criteria, the best temperature conditions throughout the year in Spain can be found in these cities:

· Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: the annual average temperature in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is 20.7° C (69° F), with a maximum average of 23.7° C (75° F). The weather is pleasant both in the winter and in the summer months. There are plenty of hours of sunshine and it is not very windy. The downside is the fact that from time to time the Canary Islands sustain adverse weather conditions such as tropical storms.

· Malaga: The annual average temperature in this city is 18.5° C (65° F), with a maximum of 25.4° C (78° F) in August. There is not too much rainfall, and with nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and not much wind, Malaga is one of the best places in Spain for living if you don’t like cold weather.

· Palma de Mallorca: The annual average temperature ranges from 16° to 18° C, peaking at around 30° C (86° F) in summer. The British journal ‘The Times’ chose Palma de Mallorca as the best city in the world to live in and of course the weather was among the factors considered in their election. The sun is one of the great allies of Palma de Mallorca, giving this Mediterranean city a special light. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year and a great cultural and entertainment offer, Palma is one of the great places in the world for living.

· Huelva: Thanks to its geographical location, the province of Huelva combines the Mediterranean and Atlantic climate. Being washed by the Atlantic, temperatures are pleasant in summer and equally mild in winter.

· Vigo: Although located in Galicia, a rainy region in northwestern Spain, the city of Vigo enjoys some kind of microclimate, an exception in Galicia. Subtropical influences provide Vigo with mild temperatures, averaging 14.9° C (59° F). Summers are mild and in winter the temperature rarely drops below 7° C (45° F).




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