CAR_República Dominicana

· In the Dominican Republic foreign married couples can get an express divorce if they wish. All they have to do is submit a legal certificate stating their mutual agreement in that regard.

· It is the country of dentists! High sugar consumption means Dominicans need to go to the dentist quite often, although it must be stated that dental care is well ingrained in their culture. There are good universities preparing future dentists, many of whom come from abroad. Many tourists take advantage of their trip to have their teeth fixed at a reasonable price.

· They invented the famous Caribbean braids. In just an hour, expert hands will transform your drab hairdo into a Caribbean fantasy consisting of small braids tipped by colorful little beads.

· Everyone eats maní. “Maní-maní” is the war cry you’ll hear at the beach anywhere in the country. Manis are small, pealed peanuts wrapped in small packets that will cost around 5 pesos.

· If you are offered frío-frío don’t worry. It’s simply crushed ice with delicious fruit juice.

· The appetizer par excellence (the equivalent of a hotdog in New York) is the famous chimichurri. These are fabulous sandwiches you can get from street carts anywhere in the city, especially in the busiest places.

· You should also try the limoncillos. These are bunches of nut-sized green berries, eaten by breaking the shell and savoring the tea colored thick pulp surrounding the seed.

· The Athebeanenequens were the tribe chief’s favorite women, who were granted the special privilege of being buried alive by his side! ;-)

· Mangú (mashed macho banana) is the ideal breakfast when you have a busy day ahead of you. It’s usually eaten with something fried on the side (don’t say they don’t look after your calories!): eggs, cheese or Dominican salami. Try it out with some juice in the morning, and I assure you you’ll have enough energy to conquer the world or dance bachata as if there were no tomorrow!

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