The archipelago of Cape Verde, located off the coast of Senegal in Africa, is made up by ten islands. There is no way to justify the name, because there is no cape and there is not much green to be found on any of the islands, with a few notable exceptions.

Boavista is the biggest island of the archipelago and was discovered by the Portuguese in 1460 and initially named São Cristóvão. Later, following over 150 years of oblivion, the island began to be known as Boa Vista, because it was apparently a ‘good sight’ for sailors lost in the trade winds. Boavista has miles upon miles of virgin beaches consisting of an infinite succession of white sand dunes, with occasional coconut and palm trees, just like in a postcard. This island is perfect for lying alone on the beach and enjoying a swim in the ocean. It’s so big you won’t have to struggle for towel space!

If you enjoy windsurfing then you know this is one of the most interesting places in the world for practicing this sport: the sea and the wind come together in Boavista to give you the perfect boost to indulge in this activity. The sand dunes are perfect for riding a dune buggy along the beach, an unforgettable experience.

Boavista is the second most important place in the Atlantic Ocean for the reproduction of the loggerhead sea turtle, caretta caretta. You can go on an excursion to watch these beautiful animals crossing the sand and digging deep holes to lay their eggs.

When night falls, the streets of Sal Rei, the island capital, come alive. Braziers are lit and the sounds of the morna, a Cape Verde variety of blues that originated in Boavista, fills islanders and visitors alike with a feeling of saudade.

At present there aren’t more than half a dozen hotels on the island. Our IBEROSTAR Club Boa Vista resort is located on an exceptional natural mirador, right on the splendid Chaves beach, looking onto waters frequented by hunchback whales and their calves every year from March to June. Hunchbacks are among the larger species of whales in the ocean. The two hundred rooms of the resort are distributed across pastel colored villas, set in the midst of gardens of hibiscus, bougainvillea and other tropical plants that blend in naturally with the surroundings, where plenty of palm trees and acacias also grow. You will often hear music featuring the voice of Cesária Évora or any of her gifted followers.


An essential excursion: Visit the Hebrew Cemetery and its chapel in ruins, and then go around the rocky massif called Rochinha and continue till you reach the Costa de Boa Esperança, going north, and then go on along the beach and see the hull of the Spanish merchant ship Santa María, which was shipwrecked in 1968 and remains there, stranded in front of the beach.


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