CAR_9 razones para ir de vacaciones a Cuba

· Miles upon miles of incredibly beautiful beaches. You can choose from over 300 beaches from the northern Atlantic coast to the Caribbean on the southern side of the island.

· Large and small cities. Enjoy the charm of smaller cities besides Havana and Santiago. How about a visit to Trinidad or Baracoa? You’ll be surprised!

· Surprising architecture. There is a special festive spirit in Cuban architectural designs that you will find anywhere you go on the island. Such heterogeneous buildings and structures will leave you in awe.

· A welcoming, genuine, charismatic community. The fondest memories you’ll take home from Cuba are those of its people. You will only leave the island after making plenty of new friends.

· You’ll see incredible cars. The streets are full of typical automobiles from the 1950s. Cuba is the perfect destination for those who love vintage cars. Around 1960, shortly after Fidel Castro rose to power, a trade embargo put an end to imports from the United States. Cuban ingenuity has allowed them to keep these relics up and running in good condition. A photograph alongside a 1958 Oldsmobile justifies a visit to this earthly paradise.

· Indulge in the art and music. Cubans were born for art and music and there are artists all over the island. You can enjoy opera, jazz and even a serenade on the beach; Cubans love to share their merry, catchy rhythms. They are highly creative, as shown by their mural paintings and colorful roofs. You can buy beautiful paintings and handicrafts on the streets.

· Cuba is known as the land of tobacco due to the many plantations in many of the regions of the island. It is the home of Havana cigars and even non-smokers might be tempted to try one out.

· The island has a great historical heritage. Cuba has nine monuments or areas included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The old city of Havana, the paladares, the Castle of St. Peter, the Desembarco del Granma National Park, etc.

· Rum! One of the most famous products originating in Cuba, besides its tobacco, is its delicious rum. The country thrived on the sugar cane industry and Cubans were soon to discover that they could make rum from molasses. Rum has a long, bumpy history. Discover it for yourself and savor this delicious beverage in the land where it was created. No trip to Cuba will be complete without a review of the history of the country’s most legendary drink.


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