CAR_10 cosas interesantes que seguramente no conocías sobre Jamaica

· The African slaves that were taken to Jamaica brought their own religion, Obeahism. Obeahism is a type of voodoo that is still practiced on the island, although secretly, because it is harshly punished if discovered.

· Most of the famous crops on the island are imported. The original inhabitants of Jamaica, the Arawak, grew corn and yams. Today the major crops in Jamaica include sugar cane, bananas and mangos. None of these crops were originally found on the island.

· Rum is the national drink of Jamaica. Here they mix rum with almost any other drink. Try rum with coconut water, a very special drink that you will love!

· The British writer Ian Fleming, famous for creating James Bond, 007, decided to build the home of his dreams in Jamaica, which he named Goldeneye. In Jamaica he wrote ten of his James Bond novels.

· In 1988 Jamaica became the first tropical country to participate in the Winter Olympics, specifically in bobsleigh. The movie Cool Runnings tells the story of Jamaica’s first foray into Winter Sports. Only the United States have won more Olympic and World Championship medals in track and field than Jamaica.

· Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean to be independent. In 1962, after years of de facto autonomy, Jamaica became a fully independent nation, although choosing to remain within the British Commonwealth.

· The national dish of Jamaica is ackee, together with codfish. Ackee is toxic if you eat it before it is ripe, but once it is ready to be eaten it is a tasty delicacy. Most people in Jamaica have it for breakfast. It is grown locally and served fried or boiled with meatballs. Codfish is cooked with a bit of oil, onion and pepper to make it nice and tasty.

· Jamaica is a country of innovations: Jamaica was the first western country to build a railway system, second only to Great Britain. And AT&T copied Jamaica’s telephone system because it was perfectly developed. In 1994, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to launch its own website.

· The impressive Blue Mountains of Jamaica get their name from the fog that covers them, which has a blue hue when viewed from far away. When there are two full moons in the same month the second one is called a ‘blue moon’. There have been half a dozen occasions over the last 40 years in which the moon was actually sapphire blue.

· There are over 200 species of orchids growing in the wild in Jamaica. 73 of those species are indigenous of Jamaica. There are around 1,000 different tree species and 500 species of ferns. Jamaica is the best destination for those who are interested in seeing forest flora and fauna.



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