· Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean.

· Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean to reach independence.

· Aside from the United States, Jamaica has won a large amount of Olympic medals.

· Jamaica was the first country in the Americas to build a railroad, even before the United States.

· Jamaica has the oldest golf club in the New World: The Manchester Golf Club, founded in 1868.

· The Jamaican iguana is the largest native land animal on the island.

· Jamaica records more multiple births (two or more babies) than anywhere else on earth.

· Jamaica was the first tropical country to participate in the IOC’s Winter Games.

· Another interesting fact about Jamaica is that it was the first British colonial territory to establish its own postal service (in 1688).

· A mountain range crosses the island from east to west. The highest peak is Blue Mountain, rising up to 2,256 meters and located in the east.

· Sir Henry Morgan, one of the famous pirates who ravaged Panama, Cuba and Maracaibo, had his base in Kingston Bay.

· Have you ever heard of the Milk River Bath? It is a warm, natural spa reputed to be the most radioactive in the world!

· Despite the fact that the official language is English, many of the inhabitants of Jamaica tend to speak Patois, a hybrid of English and African Creole.

· Jamaica has more churches per square mile than any other Christian country in the world.

· The name Jamaica comes from an indigenous word meaning ‘the land of wood and water’.

· Alcohol consumption is not forbidden (so long as you are of age). But the purchase, sale or possession of drugs is forbidden. Farewell to the myth of marijuana! ;-)


Go to Jamaica, put all these facts to the test and enjoy your vacation!


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