ESP_Sólo falta el dragón

When visiting the Coves del Drac (Caves of the Dragon) in Mallorca it is easy to imagine a dragon in slumber, surrounded by treasures in a faint light and with water drops trickling down the stalactites into an underground lake. This magic corner is made up by four large caves near Manacor with a total length of nearly two and a half kilometers that go down to 25 meters into the ground.
This is a natural wonder filled with spectacular forms—stalactites, stalagmites and one of the biggest underground lakes in the world, Lago Martel. The lighting is beautiful, allowing visitors to walk along well marked paths and take in the sheer magnitude of these incredible caves.

You can also cross the underground lake (Lago Martel) on a boat with live classical music played by a quartet: two violins, a cello and a harmonium, while the boat smoothly rocks in the lit up caves. Outside the cave there is plenty of shade where we can see peacocks freely roaming around.

The Caves are on the outskirts of Porto Cristo, a natural fishing port with a quaint little beach of fine sand and shallow waters. This is an old fishermen’s village with a large shopping area.

Porto Cristo, besides being a natural fishing port is also a pleasure harbor. In spite of modern times the town conserves the charm of its narrow streets and especially a few secluded coves.

Don’t think of travelling to Mallorca and not visiting the Coves del Drac! You won’t find anything nicer!

Bear in mind: Make sure you don’t mix up the Coves del Drac with the Caves of Hams, which are right outside Porto Cristo coming from Manacor. Although they aren’t bad, people usually prefer the Coves del Drac…



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