MED_El mejor goulash de Budapest

Hungarian cuisine is famous for the liberal use of spice, the generous servings and the variety, with the proviso that fish is scarce—just a bit of salmon occasionally. Although paprika is top of the list among spices, the dishes are not as hot as you might expect.

The star dish is Goulash, a meat dish, similar to stew but spicier and with other vegetables. It is very good and you have to try it, even if you are not a meat lover, but don’t try it just anywhere! As most often occurs in big cities, the best place to try a typical dish is at a market, and in Budapest the market par excellence is Central Market, located right next to the famous Freedom Bridge. You can’t miss it!

You’ll find some food stalls on the upper floor with dishes ranging from 650 to 800 forints that include the best goulash in the area, whether as a soup or stew. You can accompany it with tasty, spiraled pasta. At the market you should also try out the langos, a type of crepe that goes well with any sweet or salty ingredient.

For those of who you can drink: Try out some Palinka if you have a strong stomach. 40 ° of liquor only for the bravest!




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