CAR_En febrero todo es reggae en Jamaica

February is the top month for Reggae in Jamaica. It is one of the most expected events, which pays tribute to the musical idols of a musical genre that is always linked to the island of Jamaica and, of course, to the foremost representative of the reggae movement: Bob Marley.

Every Wednesday during the month of February meetings are organized, supervised by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JARIA), under the generic title Reggae Nights, with the purpose of portraying the best of this musical genre. Besides celebrating a great number of musical and cultural activities centered on reggae, in February Jamaica also celebrates the Anniversary of its Independence.

If you visit Jamaica in February you must not miss out on the variety of events and the list of presentations to celebrate the life and music of reggae legends such as Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs. The agenda includes the Trench Town Festival, which takes place in Trench, the neighborhood where Bob Marley grew up alongside other reggae musicians. In this neighborhood there are plenty of concerts, other recreational events and even parades as a tribute to Marley.

Also, the Jamaica Film Academy screens the best reggae films, portraying aspects of Jamaican culture. There are even sports activities with a soccer match at Constant Spring Stadium in Kingston to commemorate the memory of the musician Bob Marley.

So now you know it: if you are a reggae lover, February is your month in Jamaica!


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