BRA_Delicias gastronómicas de Praia do Forte que no puedes dejar de probar

Praia do Forte is one of the most attractive destinations in Brazil.  It features white sands and crystal clear water surrounded by coconut trees, with all kinds of water sports and activities, luxury hotels, natural flora and fauna reserves including turtles and whales, the exotic Brazilian culture and the history of the Portuguese colonization in the Americas… It is undoubtedly a new, wonderful destination where you can enjoy a superb vacation.

But you can’t get to know a place fully if you don’t enjoy its cuisine. You have to try out the typical dishes of Praia do Forte.  There are many vendors walking along the beach with tasty food products: chicken and beef, shrimp (Camarâo) prepared many different ways, crayfish and oysters, which should be alive in an ice bucket that are opened right when you’re ready to eat them, with lemon juice, salt and cumin powder. You will also be offered grilled cheese (Queijo de Coalho), a unique, slightly salty dish with oregano and garlic. You’ll love it!

Try out the caldinho, a soup served nearly everywhere (restaurants, carts and people with thermoses on the beach). The flavors range from black beans to prawns. If you order a ‘complete’ caldinho you’ll get a few extras when they serve it, for instance a boiled egg.

The national dish is the Feijoada, a stew of beans, pork and veal served with rice and Farofa. Farofa is an inexpensive, popular meal made from mandioca or corn flour mixed with some fatty foods.

At Rodizio type restaurants in Praia do Forte you normally pay a fixed fee and you are served meat, salad and even pizza until you are full. At the Churrascarias, besides the classic espetinhos of chicken, pork, beef or lamb varieties including bits of turkey or sirloin wrapped in smoked bacon, roast beef, beef or pork ribs, sausage and broiled pineapple or banana. It’s served with French fries, fried banana, rice and beans on the side.

And of course, there’s nothing like a nice caipirinha to wash down all this tasty food!



Our top pick: try out the famous acarajé from Claudia’s cart (located on km 5 of the beach) with whatever sauce you like. Acarajé is a type of fried dough that looks like a croquette and it tastes best is best dipped in sauce. For just 5R$ you can try all the different sauces but you’ll most likely choose the vatapá sauce—everyone’s favorite.


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