ESP_La luz de la tacita de plata

On the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, a mere 15 km from Africa, you will find the province of Cadiz, with exquisite beaches of white sand and long, sunny days. The city of Cadiz is popularly known as the Tacita de Plata’ (the Little Silver Cup) because of its intense light. Washed by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the mild temperature in winter and warmth in summer make a vacation in Cadiz a win-win situation.

You’ll fall in love with Cadiz. With all of it. As we mentioned above, starting out with the light. It’s hard to explain—you’ve got to go and see it for yourself. See it and then tell others, if you can manage. Maybe that’s why the Phoenicians, who arrived from Tyre in what is today Lebanon, around 1100 B.C., decided that the rock where the Atlantic and Mediterranean met would be a wonderful place to found a city, which they called Gadir (‘closed precinct’). [Others say it was founded by Hercules—who knows?] It is the most southernmost province capital of Europe and the oldest city in the western world. A ‘Tacita de Plata’ storing the essence of the great cultures of Europe.

Then there is a different light, the light of the people of Cadiz. There is no question about this. If you ask an Andalusian who are the most outgoing, fun and friendly people, beyond the typical Andalusian stereotypes, they will surely tell you “los gaditanos” (the naturals of Cadiz). Don’t ask why. It’s just a fact. ;-)

Besides the beaches, which are so beautiful that you have to go there when in Cadiz, there is a lot more to see. Here are a few of the essentials

· Oratorio of St. Philip Neri

· Archaeological Museum of Cadiz

· Casa del Obispo site

· Fábrica de salazones romana (a famous cannery)

· Castle of St. Catherine

· Tavira Tower

· The Cathedral

· Museum of the ‘Cortes de Cadiz’

· Roman Theater

Now that you know more about Cadiz, its people and the places to visit, what are you waiting for to pack your bags and find out for yourself?



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