BRA_El clima en Brasil según regiones

Brazil is such a large country that it is natural that it should have different climates and that the temperatures and weather conditions vary radically from one region to another. But we shouldn’t forget that 90% of the country is in the tropics because the country is crossed by the equator in the north and the Tropic of Capricorn in the south. Summer lasts from December to March and winter runs from June to August. This is just the opposite of Europe, therefore a getaway to Brazil right in the middle of the cold northern winter is an excellent idea!

But it’s best to know about the climate in the region where we are travelling to if we want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

In the South, the subtropical climate features lower temperatures than in the rest of the country, around 18ºC (64º F), with big differences between daytime and night-time temperatures. This is where the lowest temperatures are registered in Brazil. There is frost in the southern winter and it even snows in some places. It rains any time throughout the year.

In the Southeast there is a tropical climate in the mountain and plateau regions. There is very little temperature variation from night to day, ranging between 17º and 22º C (63º and 72º F). Temperatures are higher along the coast and more pleasant in the mountain and plateau regions, with occasional frost.

The Central and Western part of the country features a tropical climate with rainy summers and dry winters. The temperature ranges from 18º C (64º F) in winter to over 25ºC (77º F) in summer. It is warmer and rainier in the northern part of this region.

The Northeast features a humid equatorial to semi-arid tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 20º to 28º C (68º to 82º F). There is very little rain in this region—sometimes the dry spells last 10 months.

In the North there is the typical equatorial climate of heat and humidity due to the Amazon rain forest nearby. Temperature is generally high but not excessively, from 24º to 26º C (75º to 79º F) and the rainy season lasts from December to May.

This is the precise weather map we can offer you. Now there is no excuse to hold you back from making a getaway to the most convenient region—well prepared, of course!


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